If you have ever tried to park in a busy city with limited parking and a strict two-hour limit on the meter, you understand the struggle of paying for parking.

We are excited to introduce an app in Athens that can truly connect the community by simplifying the parking process. parQR will bring the ease of paying for parking directly to users’ smartphones.

By catering the parking process to users’ needs, people in the Athens community will be able to enjoy their time exploring the city and not have to worry about abruptly leaving somewhere to refill the time on their meter.

parQR outlines a simple process for users to pay for public parking. First, you open the app which will prompt you to scan the QR located on the meter. Then you can select how much time you want to add for your spot. Upon opening the app, it will save your location allowing you to locate your car later. Once time has elapsed, parQR will notify you with an alert message which will then allow you to return to the “Select Time” screen to add more time to the meter if desired. This eliminates the need for loose change as well as the need to go all the way back to your meter just to add more time.